Hello readers and fellow bloggers,
Wow, I must say it has been awhile since I sat down and really wrote a blog. Thank you to everyone that checks back now and then! From here on out I will be sure to keep things updated frequently.

First off, I must say – spring is no walk in the park for me as far as fishing goes. The species that I normally target (bass, walleye, pike) are not in season yet, so I am trying new things and catching fish I haven’t caught before. However, I do LOVE catching new species! My next 2 weekends are devoted to fishing – just how I like it! And to be honest I am sure the weekend after, and the weekend after, and the weekend after…. will also be! Spring has sprung!

This past weekend I set out with a couple friends in search of brook trout and steelhead. It was quite the adventure trekking around a kilometer down a creek that is rarely (if ever) fished. It was so thick that we were literally climbing through the trees at times, following the creek downstream in search of beautiful little brookies.

Here’s a bit of a sample of what it looked like, although this was a clearing. Mikey is creeping up on some fish!
We crossed over a small creek running into the main creek (of our top secret location), and it was too deep to walk through in our waders. We propped some fallen logs from one side to the other and ‘tight roped’ it across. Quite funny actually!
Myself and Mikey
My first ever brook trout, and Mikey caught one at the same time! I also caught this fish on a fly rod! I am determined to get lots of fly fishing in this year, and from here on out actually. I really enjoy it!
I was one happy gal!
A close up, beautiful markings on these fish
So happy to have another fish crossed off the list! I almost caught my first real steelhead (besides the parr I caught last year). We stopped at another creek and I was drifting a roe-looking fly over a pool and got bit several times by crazy steelhead! They even jumped and thrashed, it was amazing but unfortunately I didn’t land one. I was so ecstatic to have them taking my fly! I will not give up, as they are one of my most sought after freshwater fish. They broke my heart, but I will not stop chasing them!!
In future news, I am searching for a kayak. I have decided to get one this year and fish like crazy out of it because I am not able to get a boat yet. The kayak will be a great way to still get out fishing, be kind to the environment, get exercise and get into skinny water that boats can’t always access! 
This weekend is the Kiwanis Walleye World Derby in Trenton, Ontario on the Bay of Quinte. This derby has been around longer than I have, and I can still remember how exciting it was for me as a kid to  go down and check out the leader board, see the fish in the tanks and just the buzz of fishing at the weigh in! This will be my 4th year participating. It is also the opening of walleye season.
Have a great week everyone!


3 responses to “Brook Trout, Broken Hearts and Walleye Opener”

  1. Great recap, glad to see you have some good goals for the warmer months ahead!

  2. After reading your posts, I just want to grab my fishing poles and head out the back door. You get just as excited about fishing as I do! Don't wait so long to share your fishing thoughts and adventures. We love them!

  3. Hey Ashley. Well, you caught your first Brookie. You'll never be the same. Brook Trout are by far my favorite. Welcome to the club.


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