I’m gonna fish like it’s the end of the world

Well it’s 6:04 p.m., and I have yet to feel any earthquakes, or see any fireballs. I figured the best place to be during the rapture was in the water. If I’m going to die, may as well be fishing, right?

What did happen today was something great, fantastic, and wonderful! I took my new kayak out for a spin on the Bay of Quinte. Some may think that is crazy, but it was nice and calm:

iPhone photo
Did I mention I bought a kayak? Well here she is!! 
Her name is Hobie Outback, and she rides like a dream! If you are not familiar with the Hobie kayaks, they have a propulsion system called the Mirage Drive (a peddle system), so you can be hands free for fishing. I trolled around all day with a bottom bouncer and worm harness and really enjoyed it! I went pretty far actually, and it was a good workout but I could definitely go out again, but maybe I am just a little excited 🙂
The first official kayak fish was a perch:
iPhone photo.
Followed by many more perch! I was searching for eyes, but I am always happy to catch anything. 
It was so warm out today, that I really could have been wearing shorts. I rolled up my pant legs and even put my legs in the water to cool off. What a beautiful day!
iPhone photo
Never a shortage of perch on the Bay!
iPhone photo
I had a great day on the water, and look forward to the rest of the summer fishing out of my kayak! I just have a few finishing touches to add on her, and then I will be exploring new lakes and creeks in southeastern Ontario. Have a great long weekend everyone! Thanks to Chris for taking the photos.
I just realized, this is my 100th post – THANKS FOR READING 🙂


2 responses to “I’m gonna fish like it’s the end of the world”

  1. John Avatar

    Sweet fishing machine Ashley! Hook into a big old carp and take a tour of the Bay the easy way.

  2. Shoreman Avatar

    Hi Ashley. I looked at that very Kayak at the Sportsman Expo last January. Thought it was pretty cool. You look like you've got it tricked out pretty well. Don't forget water, peddling can work up a mighty thurst.


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