Perch Derby, Kayaking and Mustang Appearance

This weekend was definitely an enjoyable one! What is better than helping kids fish, and then spending the rest of the weekend on the water fishing myself? I guess it was my kind of weekend.

Saturday I was at the Kids Perch Derby held in Kingston, Ontario at Portsmouth Olympic Harbor. I was there walking around, taking photos, and helping out. Here are a few of my favourite photos:

The forecast called for rain in the morning, but I didn’t see a drop and the Harbor was packed with families! It started to rain just after 2, when the event ended. Such a great event put on by the community and volunteers to help kids get into fishing! No shortage of prizes either thanks to all the sponsors! I will definitely be there next year.
After the derby I headed out to my favourite spot for the weekend, Sydenham Lake – kayak style!
I caught more rock bass than I can count! They were hitting Xzone Swammers and some of the rockies were pretty decent in size. Fun to catch!
No shortage of pike either, although they were a bit harder to find.
As always, I released all fish.
Sunday – caught a mudcat on a spoon! That was a first.
Letting the cat out of the ‘yak!
A headshot – thanks to Chris for taking great photos and also for being an excellent kayaking partner!
Another pike in the ‘yak!
I really REALLY enjoy my kayak! Such great exercise while fishing, and seeing so much wildlife due to how quiet it is. I would peddle into a bay and see all kinds of fish swimming around me, curious about what I was. I also had many fish hit right beside me and it was really neat to see them inhale the bait. It was my first time really using a swim bait, but I forced myself to get comfortable with it. I will definitely be throwing it in the near future as it worked well.
Special thanks to Mustang Survival! I just received the 2012 Catalogue in the mail.. and my photo is included! Unreal 🙂
Have a great week!


  1. As always, your posts bring me such cheer and motivation to get out on the water. Looks like a great weekend with the kids and the fish. Kayak looks comfortable!

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