My dad called me on Thursday night to see if I would like to take a trip with him to the Bass Pro Shop in Vaughan Mills (near Toronto, Ontario). He said was hoping to spend the day together and browse through the massive store (which we both love). I suggested to him that we could take the day and go fishing instead. He was very persistent with the trip, I told him that I would call him back and confirm. A few minutes later he called back and said “I’m going to pick up your fish, and I would like you to come with me”.

If you’ve read my past blog posts, you may remember the walleye of my lifetime – the 15.2 pound walleye caught in 2009 with some friends in Picton, Ontario. Click the link if you would like to read the blog post:

This is her, an unbelievable fish and a great day on the water that I will never forget thanks to Mike, Warren and Colin. After catching the fish, my dad talked about getting it replicated, but I knew that it may be costly and I never expected such a gift from anyone.

When my dad called me back to tell me we were picking up “the fish”, I immediately knew what he was talking about and I couldn’t believe it!!!! We are both stubborn and I wanted him to go fishing with me, and he wanted me to go to Toronto with him and this was why. My parents are the type that always have a surprise up their sleeves, so I really should have known. I love the fact that it was a surprise though, because I just love the unexpected. It’s much more special. So the Bass Pro Shop was a cover up, and we really went to Advanced Taxidermy and Wildlife Design (and to Bass Pro afterwards of course).

So here I am, holding the replica of the ‘eye of my life a few minutes after picking her up. I think I smiled the whole way home! I felt like I was bringing a baby home from the hospital for the first time, haha!

iPhone photo
I took more photos of the fish today, because the iPhone photos don’t do it much justice.  The detail on this fish in incredible, and I’d like to point out that it’s a replica which is actually made of fiberglass – not the actual fish. The fibreglass will hold up much stronger, and last longer. I’ve received a few comments on Facebook as people think it’s a real fish! It honestly looks as though it’s going to start flaring it’s gills, or start thrashing around trying to escape me.
From the tip to the tail, each detail is perfectly created to make such a real fish swimming around in my living room. It’s above my TV right now, so thankfully I can get away with staring at it constantly without looking too odd! 
So scary – I love it!!
Dorsal fin
The tail, even with the perfect white tip that trademarks a walleye.
My accent wall in the living room is now dedicated to walleye. I do need to add some ice fishing pictures as well! 
Thank you to my mom and dad for such an amazing gift. Also thank you to Advanced Taxidermy and Wildlife Design for creating such an incredible work of art.
Hope you all had a wonderful Fathers Day!

7 responses to “Day With My Dad”

  1. Hi there,

    Is this fish related to the Zander?
    Just trying to learn…

    But it is a very nice fish anyway.
    Very different than the ones we get in tropical Australia.

    Have a good day.

  2. awww… that's a great story and awesome fish Ash!

  3. A year ago your dad told Jeff and I that he was going to do this for you. He must of been so excited about it. What nice parents!

  4. Wow! That is one BIG fish! Congrats on the catch. It's wonderful that your parents did that for you.

  5. Ashley while working on my blog I came across yours. I wanted to thank you. My daughter too loves to fish and I showed her your blog. She got a big kick out of it. Then she said, “Dad lets go fishing!” so we did. We had a great time…..

    Tight Lines To Ya!

  6. Awesome blog-Great to see a woman out there on the water! I'm a female game warden and wish I'd run into more women like you. I think I'll add you as a link on my blog (hope you will add mine too!):

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