The Future of Fishing – Introduce Kids to Fishing!

If it wasn’t for my dads friend Arnold, I would not be the person I am today. Annual fishing trips on Lake Kashwakamak shaped me into a passionate angler that enjoys passing the sport onto others. Tonight I took a few hours of my time to catch some fish with Kayla and Sophie and their mom – my friend Stacee.
Myself and Sophie (age 6) with her catch
My hometown Napanee, offers a great location to fish off the boardwalk with benches and pretty scenery to enjoy. I have caught bass, pike, walleye, sheepshead, pumpkinseeds, bluegills, perch and more off the docks. It’s a great place for kids with washrooms nearby and the docks are safe and wide to fish from.
Kayla (age 8) concentrating on those perch
Way to go Kayla!
Sophie’s bluegill
By the end of our fishing excursion, the girls were hooking worms, and catching fish without assistance. Way to go Kayla and Sophie! If you ever get the chance to take some kids fishing, please do. You never know what you will inspire! 


  1. What a great looking place to fish. It's a good thing when you take kids fishing. In this day and age, most kids don't have time (video games, TV, and friends) to go fishing. Ok, time to drag them out by the hair. Just kidding. Keep up the good work.


  2. I completely agree that introducing kids to fishing and the great outdoors is critical. From a young age my lil guys have joined me on numerous adventures from tracking rabbits to fishing for sun fish. Keep up the good work introducing youth to this most excellent of sporting pursuits!

  3. Great post. Good to see kids fishing but even better, from my British perspective, is to see an expert woman angler inspiring them because over here female anglers of any age are a very rare sight, which is a shame.

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