Hard to believe that nearly 2 years ago I wrote my very first blog post! It was August 27, 2009 and I was meeting up with Dave Chong to for our first time fishing together. I had thought about documenting my adventures and a blog seemed like a good way to share words, photos and videos all together in one. Not long after that first post, I was off to Tobago for a dream fishing vacation that you helped me win through the World Fishing Network Adopt an Angler contest. Thank you again!

Here I am now, for my 99th post, 29,487 hits on my website later and many awesome fishing experiences – and it has been a blast! I never really thought of myself as much of a writer until I realized I have been writing this blog for so long and receiving all the positive feedback from you! The other day I actually read through all of my posts and re-lived all those fun adventures again and felt exactly as I did when I experienced those moments. I hope to deliver blogs that make you feel the same way!

To date, the most popular read has been The BIG ONE – when I caught the walleye of my life thanks to my friend Mike! It almost seems to be a coincidence that I will be out this weekend with Mike during my blogs official ‘birthday’ trying for my first Lake Ontario salmon! So far, the only salmon I’ve caught was a chinook and it is still one of my favourite fishing memories!

Please browse around my newly renovated website. I have changed a lot in the past couple of days and went for a more simple, clean look. I added some pages instead of featuring everything on the home page. Hope you like it!

I am going to eat some cupcakes and cookies now, and daydream of the weekend ahead that I have been losing sleep over. Hopefully I will have a great fishing story to post when I get back!

Thank you sincerely for ALL of your support in the past 2 years!



5 responses to “Happy (early) Birthday SheLovesToFish.com!”

  1. Congrats on 2 years! You do a great job and I love reading your posts. The re-design is wonderful, I really like the new look.

  2. Happy Birthday to you. OK, I won't sing any more. congratulations on 2 years blogging.

    And many more………..


  3. Happy Blogger Birthday, great reads always…

  4. Happy Blogger Birthday Ashley!!!

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