My first pike through the ice!

I spent the better part of today chasing walleye (naturally) with some friends on the Bay of Quinte. I marked lots, but didn’t seem to impress them enough to entice a strike. In my blog yesterday, I wrote a list of things I would like to accomplish while ice fishing this year. (Here’s the blog link:ย I’m back in the game… and with a challenge!)One of my goals was to catch a pike through the ice, because I hadn’t ever done it. Well, today I did it!

This fish was a mere flicker on my flasher, and seconds after seeing it below me it SLAMMED my spoon! It was pulling drag, and when I got it to the hole the first time it took one look at me and tried it’s best to take off again. I got it up to the hole the second time, landed it, and got my friend to come over and snap this photo. This pike put up a good battle, and I would really like to target pike in the future and catch more! For me, regardless of the fact I didn’t catch a walleye today – it was still a successful day crossing another fish off the ice list and spending time on the ice.

Another day on the ice tomorrow, hopefully I will have another photo to share ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a great weekend!



  1. You amaze me Ashley. You make a list of fishing goals one day and immediately start crossing them off in style. No hammer-handles for you through the ice!

  2. Wow what a job you done. I am so impressed. I have not believe that any man catch fish from the ice. But you have did it. Now i believe. Please tell me the story of this. I think it will be very interesting. so don't wait just talk to me.

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