Another delayed post, but it’s because I have been out doing a lot of perch fishing on the Bay of Quinte! The Bay is a world renowned fishery for walleye, but when the walleye season closes there are great opportunities for perch too! I hope to shed a bit of light on the perch ice fishing and focus on it more next year as well.

Likely my personal best perch through the ice this year!
I primarily used different types of jig heads (size 1/8 or 1/16 ounce) in calm water or jigging raps (size W3) in locations with current. Lures were tipped with artificial maggots or live minnow pieces. This was my first year really setting out to target perch, and it was a blast! It’s awesome to get out and catch 40 perch in a few hours, and land several jumbos too! Once you get into a good spot, you can’t keep them off the hook! I fished mostly in 15 feet of water just a short walk from shore.
I actually had the opportunity to participate in a commercial which highlighted the perch fishing on the Bay. I cannot say more, but I will share as soon as the video is released!
My friend Matt and I getting into a ton of perch!
I had another round of Hobie kayak fishing seminars at the Niagara Outdoor Sports and Boat Show March 2-4th. I did 6 seminars all together, and it was another fantastic opportunity! Unfortunately, I was really sick all weekend, but was still able to get through my seminars. Thanks to everyone that stopped by and watched! This was a brand new show, and I see great potential for next year! Great location, building and a good angling community!
Paddle Lake – where I did my seminars. It was lovely and even had a dock!

 I had the biggest crowd yet on the last day of the show!
It was unreal to not be nervous in front of that many people, but I guess I am now doing what I love! I look forward to more seminars, and even have some currently in the works! I will keep you posted. The best place to stay up to date is on Facebook or Twitter.
To end off, I will share an ice fishing perch video that I was featured in by a photojournalism student from Loyalist College, Mark Tarnovetsky. Thanks Mark!

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  1. Wow, those perch are monsters! I never could get into perch or crappie fishing but your first two perch above and some crappie I've seen over the last few days may change my mind.

    Mike J

  2. Fatty perch, very nice.

  3. Nice PB! Its great to see healthy perch coming out!

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