Trolling for Bay of Quinte gold!

The temperature has been dropping and it’s walleye time here on the Bay of Quinte, a world class walleye hot spot! The walleye migration brings BIG Lake Ontario walleye into the Bay where they spend the winter, and prepare for the spring spawn. I’m very lucky to live in an area that I can chase ‘eyes in the fall and through the ice until spring! It’s an exciting time of year and although the weather is cooling down, the fishing is definitely heating up!

This fall I have been helping out aboard PB and J Charters and it’s been a blast! Captain Joe is the owner of this charter business, and we’ve been friends for quite a few years now. When Joe first started his business it was not long before he was sharing photos on his Facebook and I kept seeing photos and captions with ‘PB’ (meaning personal best) fish caught by his clients. Later, he had mentioned that he was trying to come up with a name for his boat, so I thought of ‘PB & J’ (Personal Best and Joe) and it stuck!! Thus, there is PB and J Charters! Here are some photos from some recent trips I’ve been out on:

James with his 10.2 pounder!
A hilarious day with a great group of guys from Ottawa: Anthony, Paolo and Tommy!
Paolo got the fish of the day – 10.4 pounds of gold! I love this photo!
13-year-old Kai with his PB of 9 pounds! What a great young angler! And I was able to get Joe in a photo!
I will admit that I haven’t had a whole lot of chartering experience – but I’ve absolutely loved it so far! Spending a day on the water, meeting new people (even friends from Facebook), sharing fishing stories and laughs and then watching these guys reeling in Quinte gold – can’t ask for a better way to spend the day! There’s still a bit of time to chase the walleye on open water before the Bay freezes up… and then it’s ice, ice, baby! I’m looking forward to another great season on the ice! But until then… hopefully I will see more days on open water and celebrate more PBs!

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