A much needed update!

It’s been awhile since my last update, and I promise to get back on track! Truthfully it’s not that I haven’t been writing, or fishing – it’s just that I haven’t updated my own blog and I’ve been busy fishing and working on a few projects! Facebook and Twitter are still in full force with my updates, so please join me there for more frequent posts.I have been writing a weekly fishing column in the Kingston Whig Standard for 18 weeks now, so there’s updates each Saturday in the Sports Section. You can also see my columns online at my author page on their website . Along with this, I am also working for the Land O’ Lakes Tourist Association, organizing their 1st Annual Fishing Tournament. Needless to say, I have been busy! This bass fishing tournament is unique as it’s a one-day tournament held on 5 different lakes. Each lake has payouts for the 3 largest fish, and just for registering, you can win draw prizes including: a boat/motor/trailer, fishing gear, resort accommodations, event tickets, a helicopter tour and more. I am doing my best to get the word out on that! If you’d like to register, visit the tournament page here.

Since I owe you some updates… I am going to give you a sample of the weeks I’ve missed using my newspaper columns, and you can click the stories that may be of interest to you!

My 80-year-old grandma catches her first carp!! What an incredible memory. She loves to fish too!
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Reminiscing about trophy walleye (this 15 pounder), and discussing the AMAZING walleye fishery on the Bay of Quinte!
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Bass opener with my dad! We fished the Quinte Bass Champs Tournament and had an amazing day on the water together!
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Friends visit all the way from FRANCE, to fish here in Canada with me. An incredible opportunity and great memories on the water!
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My trip to Windsor for the Border City Classic Kayak Fishing Tournament. My first Canadian kayak fishing event!
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Family Fishing Week! My appearance on 98.9 The Drive and and CKWS TV!
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Watch the CKWS TV appearance here

The Land O’ Lakes 1st Annual Fishing Tournament. My experiences on the 5 lakes chosen for the tournament, and some info about the event!
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This catches my blog up on my latest happenings! I will definitely be on track from here on out with some exciting fishing adventures coming up.

Thanks for reading and supporting my dream 🙂

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