Special Guest From Saskatchewan!

Back in March I flew to Saskatchewan to be a guest speaker at the Regina Outdoor Sports Show. As part of this trip, the wonderful organizers set me up with local fishing experts Jason and Jeff Matity of MatitysGetFishing.com to chase after some giant pike prior to the show. I had certainly heard of and seen images of the absolute MONSTERS that come through the ice in Saskatchewan so it was nothing short of a dream come true getting to experience it! I’m not sure if you read my blog about the trip, but here’s an image of the largest pike of MY LIFE!

This fish measured at 43.5 inches with a 20-inch girth! What a dream come true!

Ever since this trip, I have stayed in touch with Jason and Jeff and really hoped to get the opportunity to take them fishing in Ontario one day. They are such passionate and knowledgeable anglers and can be found sharing information and videos on their website and Facebook page. Back in March Jason mentioned the potential for a trip to Ontario during the summer and I promised to take him out for smallmouth bass, something he doesn’t have easy access to where he lives in Saskatchewan.

Fast forward to August, Jason is in Ontario and we spent a day on the water targeting smallmouth aboard my boat! Back in Saskatchewan, Jason has at least an eight hour drive to get to the nearest smallmouth waters so it isn’t something he gets to do often. For me, smallmouth is one of my main focuses in the summertime. I was very excited to finally get out on the water and we were rewarded with a gorgeous summer day and a hot bite!

We began our day by fishing around islands and along shorelines with nearby weed lines and picked up several bass right away using a drop shot rig. Jason was loving it but I was really hoping to get him into some larger fish. We moved out to some offshore humps and that’s when the bigger bites picked up! Each hump held a few fish so we spent the afternoon hopping around from hump to hump with most of the fish holding in about 20 feet of water. The presentation of choice was a drop shot with an X-Zone Slammer.

We had to get a ‘group photo’! All fish were released.
Jason’s personal best from the trip! What a gorgeous fish!
A nice light coloured smallie!

Thank you so much, Jason! I’m so happy you made the trip to Ontario and we had the opportunity to share another day on the water together. Hope to see you again soon 🙂


  1. Hi Ashley: would love to take you fishing on Lake Nipissing here in Ontario for some largemouth bass. This year middle of September a friend of mine and myself went out three days in a row and got our limit of six each every day including a 20 inch with a 15 inch girth. Can do that every day from July 1st until October lots of catch and release. Would like to talk about it.

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