Quite A Start To 2016!

The past year flew by at an astonishing pace and I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that took time to stop by and read my stories, send kind words and messages of support, and also for sharing your fishing stories with me <3! 2015 was certainly a year to remember and I’m grateful to have you to share it with!

Although we’re only a few days in to 2016, so much has happened already! I had my first fishing seminar at Bass Pro Shops in Toronto on January 2nd which I was pretty excited (and even slightly nervous) about! I’m still overcoming my fear of public speaking but I’m thankful for the opportunity to get more practice! There will be more seminars in the coming months and I’ve added a new page on my website for upcoming appearances.

I am totally thrilled to be gracing the cover of the 2016 January-February edition of Ontario OUT of DOORS Magazine! I had the very fortunate opportunity to collaborate with award winning author/photographer, Tim Allard, to share our knowledge on ice fishing for walleye. The magazine has already started showing up in mailboxes and inboxes and will be hitting news stands on January 18th. I’m loving the images coming in from those who have received it and recognized me! It is truly a dream come true! If you’d like a copy, visit www.oodmag.com

unnamed (2)

As for current fishing updates and ice reports, well it’s been an interesting season so far. This is the warmest winter in quite some time! Over the past few hardwater seasons I’ve been on the ice as early as late November since moving closer to Ottawa. Ice has just started forming the first week of January this year and the weather has already warmed up again. Although just a few days later than normal for the start of the year, my first catches were bluegill and black crappie! I tried out the Rapala Centerpin Ice Reel for the first time and found it to be very efficient for panfish! Even on the tiny panfish jigs, the line glides right off the spool with no fiddling around. There’s no line twist which can cause a spinning bait and turn off the panfish when they’re finicky. Note that the reel only comes in right hand retrieve (and I’m a lefty reeler) hence why I’m holding it in my right hand below.

A beautifully and very lightly coloured black crappie to ring in the New Year!

Blitz had his first ice fishing experience, and he handled it quite well and comfortably from one of our giant carp fishing throne chairs. It kept him off the ice and once he understood that fish came up the hole, when I set the hook he was anxiously awaiting! He sniffs and sometimes kisses the fish, but was more interested in sticking his nose in the ice holes and blowing bubbles. I really should have gotten a video of that!

Myself and my Miniature Australian Shepherd puppy named Blitz!

I will be heading to the Toronto Boat Show on Saturday! Details below.

2016 Boat Showrs

If you’re out on first ice, please be safe! For more frequent updates, connect with my social media pages below. Thank you for stopping by and Happy New Year 🙂



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