New Boat Production Completed & Ford Canada Event!

I’ve been really grateful for the opportunity to see photos of my boat over the past couple months while it was in production at the Alumacraft Boats factory in Minnesota. I visited the factory a couple years ago, so it’s even more fascinating recognizing some of the steps and procedures that I was able to witness in person. I posted some of the early photos in my last blog post, but for those that may have missed it, here are the photos I received from start to finish. (A big thank you to Clint from the factory who made this possible, and EVERYONE who had a hand in working on my dream boat!)

This is where it all begins! Yep, a big roll of aluminum!

IMAG0386 (1)

Fast forward a bit and she’s starting to take some shape! A few clues are evident on which model it could be 😉


And through the paint room she goes for silver base, black, clear coat, and then the paint job is complete! It doesn’t look flashy yet, but just you wait…


The foam and cockpit flooring are complete. The boat parts are kitted, and all the electrical, plumbing, platforms/lids, trim and other fun stuff are ready to be installed.


Final assembly, decal, and final inspection complete!

My brand new T-Pro 185 Sport will be on a trailer next week and arriving to my local Alumacraft/Yamaha dealership (Urban Sport in Arnprior)! From there it will then be rigged up with the motors, electronics, batteries, etc. I will do a walk-through video in the coming weeks! I told the crew at Urban Sport that I may bring a tent and camp out for a few days when my boat arrives, hehe!

I also recently had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with Ford Canada in Montreal!


A few weeks ago I was invited by Ford Canada to try their new Pro Trailer Back-Up Assist at an event held in Montréal. It was a fun experience meeting the Ford crew and really amazing to see that this type of technology exists! I had no idea! Since I’ve had my own boat for over 3 years now, I’m quite comfortable with backing up a trailer but I can definitely see how this technology is helpful for anyone at any level of experience. The rear view camera provides a view of the trailer and there is a knob specifically designed to steer the trailer, all the while the steering wheel steers itself to get the boat in position. I had to stop myself from the instinctive habit of grabbing for the steering wheel (you’ll see it moving on it’s own in the video) and also attempting to turn the opposite way as you would when backing up normally. You can check out the video here:

Thanks to Ford for inviting me out to this event, it was certainly fun to test it out and see this technology in action!

I’ve been on the road the past couple weeks delivering the Angler’s Atlas magazines and having meetings to finalize our Northern Ontario magazines, but when I get back home this weekend it’ll be BASS OPENER and I cannot wait!!!! Good luck out there 🙂

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    1. I am moving from the bass boat style to a deep-v so I can fish bigger water and fish earlier/later into the season. My previous boat was the Pro 185 and I now have the T-Pro 185.

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