Hike-In Brook Trout Adventure

Recently I made the hike-in journey through the unspoiled wilderness of Frontenac Provincial Park in pursuit of brook trout through the ice. You can read about my adventure below in my debut article on the Ontario Parks Blog! The view alone was totally worth it, but catching some gorgeous brook trout was the icing on the cake!


Brook trout have such magnificent colours.

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic trip. I love that part of the province. The last few years I’ve been out that way (a little west of there, I think) for an annual fishing trip.

  2. This is cool, I’ve mused about doing exactly that at Frontenac. Am I right that all the brookie lakes in the park are stocked? And did you camp or just hike in for the day?

  3. I used to fish Little Clear, Tetsmine, and Moulton with my father when I just a kid. We would hike in, in the summer time and fish from shore. Good times.

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