There’s a new addition to my Let Them Go, Let Them Grow canvas print series, a northern pike! I landed this fish on a recent trip on my home water, the Napanee River. The head on this fish was HUGE with such beautiful colours. As soon as I caught a glimpse, I knew it had to be part of this series. Would you like to win this canvas print? Read on!

A few weeks back I posted two different angles of this fish asking opinions on social media on which one should be added to the series. ‘Photo A’ won with flying colours, but there was also a lot of people in support of ‘Photo B’. You’ll see both below. I’ve decided since you guys were so kind to take a moment and share your opinion that’d I’d give away one of each (in the sizes listed below)!

Photo A: 40-inches by 30-inches.
Photo B: 20-inches by 16-inches.

To Enter

Step 1:  Subscribe to my blog below. By doing this, you’ll receive an email copy of each new blog post that goes up. This is how I’ll be announcing the winners, sharing my upcoming adventures, and posting future contests.

Step 2: Leave a comment letting me know which print you’ll choose if you win. Be sure to include your email and name so I can contact you should you win.

Be sure to follow both steps! 

I will be selecting two winners randomly when I return from my upcoming fishing adventure in Northeastern Ontario! I’ll be posting updates about my trip on my social media pages listed below.

Good luck! If you’d like to learn more about supporting my Let Them Go, Let Them Grow Series, click here. 

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121 responses to “Northern Pike Canvas Print Giveaway!”

  1. Brandon Richards Avatar
    Brandon Richards

    Subscribed !!! Hope I can win!

    1. Subscribed . If I win I would go with A.

  2. Brandon Richards Avatar
    Brandon Richards

    Photo A

  3. Hi Ashley
    I would love photo A! So glad to see you doing so well.

  4. Awesome photo’s. photo B is my favourite.

  5. Beautiful fish, so glad she lives on.
    Love photo A the best

  6. I like them both, but if I could only choose one it would be the first one. Photo A

  7. Photo A! Thanks, Ashley.

  8. Subscribed 🙂
    Photo A!

  9. A would be my first choice, but B is great also, I’d definitely put either one up on my wall! Thanks for the oppertunity to win one, and have a great fishing trip 😀

  10. Subscribed! Photo A is my fav!! 😁❤️

    1. Alicia! You are one of the winners! Please send me an email with your mailing address to: ___________________. Thank you for entering! 🙂

  11. They are both gorgeous and absolutely love catching this species of fish!!! I love Photo A….that’s what I love to see…big jaw, beautiful colours and those spots!!! Such a magnificent isn’t!

  12. Photo B, both choices are great pictures. Enjoy fishing and hopefully more stories and pictures to come.

  13. Ashley,
    I would like the first canvas print (largest)



  14. Photo B. My wife probably wouldnt approve of a 40 inch picture of a fish. Haha.

  15. Marc-andre benoit Avatar
    Marc-andre benoit

    Subscribed , photo A for me it is 😊

  16. I love what your doing with the proceeds, plus given away some prints to your fans!

  17. ,I would love to get the pike picture.Didn’t catch my first one until I was 56,now that’s what I fish for most of the time.

  18. sullyb51yahoocom Avatar

    Hope I can winthe pike print,my favorite fish

  19. I would take photo B but they’re both awesome!

  20. Photo A. But I like B also.

  21. Photo B.Both are great but everybody wants A.

  22. Already subscribed and love your posts. Both are great but that side shot is awesome. I would probably pick A but would be happy with either of those photos. Good luck on your Ontario trip!!

  23. Wow! Thanks for the opportunity to win this great prize! I would pick photo A! Can’t wait to win!!

  24. Steve Fleckenstein Avatar
    Steve Fleckenstein

    Hi Ashley.I would pick photo A.

  25. Aaron Koldenhoven Avatar
    Aaron Koldenhoven

    Subscribed! Photo A please!!

  26. Mark Grandlienard Avatar
    Mark Grandlienard

    Would love to have either, but 1st choice is A.

  27. Done! Photo A for sure!

  28. Would definitely love A!

  29. Joined, photo A for sure!!

  30. So cool! I need this!

  31. I like photo A!!!

  32. Photo A is outstanding!

  33. Photo A would look great on my wall. I admire your work and you’re such a great person overall! Appreciate your support at the walleye derby this year!

  34. Done. Photo a.

  35. Photo A please.

  36. A – for the mancave!

  37. Keep up the great fishing. Photo A

  38. Photo A to complete my essox wall!

  39. Either canvas would be awesome!

  40. photo A! Love fishing for pike at bears den. Wish I had somewhere local to fish pike. Fantastic sport fish!

  41. Photo A. Keep up the great work.

  42. Photo B looks just like my PB 43″
    It would look perfect on my wall!
    Keep up the great content.
    Tight lines!

  43. Photo A – Like Pike!

  44. Brian Lindquist Avatar
    Brian Lindquist

    I would be honored to win Photo A! Thanks for all your work in the great world of fishing!

  45. Photo A. Been a fan for a while now. Really happy to see your blogs and career taking off. Keep up the great work.

  46. My favorite is pic A. It shows great depth of a fantastic fish.

  47. either would look good next to the pool table, keep up the posts love seeing where your fishing next.

  48. Hi There Fisherwoman….. I like B…..

  49. Hey fellow fishing chick. Both cool images but if I’m lucky enough to win, I’d like Photo A for our cottage wall. Thanks and hope you have a memorable fishing trip!

  50. Definitely A🎣

  51. Photo b! Perfect for my sons room:)

  52. I’d definitely take either if I were to win, I can’t decide!

  53. I’d be. Happy with either one 🙂

    1. Eric! You are one of the winners! Please send me an email with your first and last name along with mailing address at Please let me know which print you’d prefer 🙂

  54. Photo A

  55. Fernando Sanchez Avatar
    Fernando Sanchez

    Just subscribed. Ashley. I’d take Photo A.

  56. Just subscribed, I like th natural look of photo B a little better.

  57. I like how photo B looks more natural. Just subbed. Thank you. Dan

  58. As a big pike fisherman myself I love
    both. But if I have to choose it would
    be Print B .

  59. Buddy and I have been fishing metro area Minnesota for a few years, we got a 39 a couple weeks ago. Looked just like picture A. Big head and all, she went swimming again.

  60. I like A it will look great in my office with my other fishing prints

  61. Subscribed! Photo B is definitely my favorite although Photo A is gorgeous also!

  62. Hi Ashley I’m from Ontario canada and would love to win photo A really detailed pictures and look awesome on my wall thank you

  63. Hi Ashley! I would choose the biggest one for my fly tying room if I win !

  64. Hi Ashley, I would take the biger one for my fly tying room !!

  65. Both are great. Would take either one.

  66. aaron kwiatkowski Avatar
    aaron kwiatkowski

    great pics, just subscribed. print A would be my choice. keep up the good work!

  67. Photo B looks amazing

  68. Hey Ash

    Both would be beautiful in our cottage, either one I would be so excited to receive.

    Stay safe and tight lines

  69. Scotty Elliott, subscribed, and as a avid fly fisher for Northern Pike I do like print B as it reminds me at looking one down on my kick boat

  70. I would
    Like A please

  71. I would
    Like A please

  72. Photo B all the way! Really ahows off the “gator” look. Love it!

  73. Hi Ashley…pic A please.

  74. Print A!!!

  75. Vanessa Angevaare Avatar
    Vanessa Angevaare

    Hi! As a fisheries biologist and avid female angler, I would love either canvas for my home or office!! Love following you on LinkedIn, keep up the great work!

  76. Already subscribed. I would love to have photo A

  77. Definitely the first picture, picture A!!

  78. Petras Kairovickus Avatar
    Petras Kairovickus

    Photo A is my favorite but really if I win send me what ever one you want they are both great.

  79. i like photo A the best.

  80. Mike Billingham Avatar
    Mike Billingham

    Hi Ashley! I like photo A! You do a great job in your work, keep it up.

  81. photo A for me!

  82. lets try for round 2 of the northern pike series thx hoping photo b

  83. Karl Muttenthaler Avatar
    Karl Muttenthaler

    I’m thinking that either one would be great, although the bigger the better. Kinda how I like my pike!

  84. Photo A. Beautiful!

  85. Promise I will share photo if I win. Photo B

    1. I have been following you for years. Love all your post, and I share them with my two daughters.

  86. Either would be amazing but I’ll take the bottom one since Alicia already has the other lol

  87. I go with B

  88. I’ve been following your posts on Instagram which led me to your blog. Your photos are amazing and you’re an inspiration to female anglers like myself. Thank You! (Photo B is awesome!..CHEERS!)

  89. Photo A!

  90. Tough choice. I think I would choose the first one! Gorgeous shots!

  91. Subscribed. Both are amazing

  92. Subscribed! My daughter, Ali and I are big fans! Amazing pictures!

  93. Photo A! Follow motoclay on Instagram!!!! Keep up the hard work

  94. Hi Ashley. Both of those prints are amazing. I’d be more than happy to hang either one in my newly completed fishing themed basement/mancave. Great work as always!!

  95. Crossing my fi gers that the second time is a charm! Especially since its photo b (my first choice) that still remains!

  96. Hey!! I would choose photo A 🙂 both are very good pictures just really like photo A! But I would take either one! 🙂

  97. Subscribed! Both are awesome! Photo A is my favourite 🙂

  98. Hey 🙂 photo b looks great!

  99. Both Photos are awesome!!!

  100. My favorite is A. But both are terrific.

  101. Would love either one. Great blog looking forward to more.

  102. The one that is left lol


    Already followed on other social media platforms, now here! Northern Pike print please!

  104. Photo B!

  105. Marc-andré benoit Avatar
    Marc-andré benoit

    Contest done again photo B

  106. Although both are beautiful I would choose photo B.

  107. Both are awesome, but i really like B. You rock!

  108. Subscribed! Photo B is my fav!! 😁❤️ Thanks!

  109. I subscribed, I’m JB….aka John Blair. If I’m chosen, I’d select “A”. Thank you, the pics look amazing.

  110. Registering again for Photo B!

  111. Subscribed. Photo B!

  112. Photo B, please!

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