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My passion for fishing combined with my love of travel have taken me to some truly amazing places over the years. I’m grateful to share the stories of these locations and adventures with you here on my blog and through the various other platforms I write for. As a result of sharing my adventures, quite often I receive messages through social media and here on my blog for recommendations on fishing accommodations. I decided to create a new page for you guys and gals dedicated to some of these places I’ve visited.

I’m thankful for the locations, the fishing, memories, and the amazing hosts I’ve had the chance to meet. It never ceases to amaze me just how special the fishing community is and how instantly connections and friendships form when we share a love for getting out on the water. This new page, titled ‘Fishing Accommodations‘, includes a map, links to the resort/lodge or campground website, and links to articles I’ve written or videos filmed at each location.

You can find my new ‘Fishing Accommodations’ page here:

beaverland camp
The sun sets on the Marten River in Northeastern Ontario. A beautiful view from the docks at Beaverland Camp.
Docking up at Deepwater Lodge. This is a boat-in lodge on Lake Temagami in Northeastern Ontario.

So far my travels have taken me primarily throughout parts of Canada including: Northeastern Ontario, Southern Ontario, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick. A couple visits in the United States so far have included: Florida, and Texas. I have been fortunate to fish in other locations too that aren’t on the list, but decided to focus specifically on fishing accommodations with this new page. I look forward to where the coming year takes me and will be sure to update the list with each new adventure.

The view from Limerick Lake Lodge, on Limerick Lake in Ontario’s Highlands.

What is your favourite fishing lodge, resort, or campground? Please feel free to leave a comment below!

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