My Fishing Expedition with Ford Canada!

Last weekend I had the very special opportunity to take part in a Fishing Expedition hosted by Ford Canada! I received an invitation for this event last month and was thrilled to get to join a group of Ottawa-area bloggers/photographers for this adventure. We had the opportunity to drive the 2018 Ford Expedition to Montebello (Quebec), to go fly fishing for rainbow trout at Kenauk Nature, and to enjoy delicious food/drinks, and accommodations at Fairmont Le Château Montebello! It was an experience I’ll never forget and I took lots of photos along the way to remember it by.

A fleet of 2018 Ford Expeditions!

Road Trip in the Expedition

Our road trip began in Ottawa when we all gathered mid-morning, split up and hopped in a fleet of three 2018 Ford Expeditions to hit the road for Kenauk Nature. I paired up with my friend and fellow writer, Justin Hoffman, for the drive. We instantly fell in love with this vehicle!

We had the chance to drive the Expedition Platinum edition. This vehicle has an ultra spacious interior and such fancy features! I liked the adaptive cruise control when we were traveling on the highway, along with the massage and cooling/heating functions on the seats (nice for long road trips and stiff backs)! The camera technology is super handy for parking (being able to see a birds eye view) and I know from past experiences in different Ford models that the reverse camera is SO helpful for hooking up a trailer. Although the Expedition is a large vehicle, it doesn’t feel overwhelming with the type of technology Ford has come up with to make it easier for parking, trailering, and traveling. You can learn more about the model we drove here.

Arriving at Kenauk Nature

Upon arriving at Kenauk, we were all blown away by the incredible scenery! Kenauk Nature is a private fish and game reserve situated on a stunning 65,000 acres. There are over 60 lakes within and a variety of fish species. Kenauk employs biologists to preserve the resources within and they have their own fish hatchery. It’s an amazing spot that I hope to visit again!

Bloggers at work! A picturesque selfie spot.

Before we set off into the wilderness for our fishing adventure, we were served a delicious gourmet lunch in a gazebo by the lake. Next up were demonstrations by the folks at Ford and the opportunity for us to test out the Ford Pro Trailer Backup Assist with a boat in tow, and parallel park using the Park Assist feature. This was my first time experiencing the Park Assist and I was so impressed with how flawlessly I was able to parallel park… (thanks to Ford, ha, ha!)

After demonstrations and lunch were wrapped up, we hopped in the Expeditions and headed to the lake to meet up with Kenauk fishing guide, Jamie Pistilli. The terrain was pretty rugged and steep in some areas along the way so we were able to see the Expedition perform in more challenging conditions. We split off into two groups upon arriving at the lake, which we had all to ourselves! Aboard our boat was: Justin, myself, and Tori from Ottawa Life Magazine.

We operated our boat with an electric trolling motor and trolled flies with sinking line as the fish were down a deeper in the warmer weather. Not long into our adventure, I was very fortunate to hook into a gorgeous rainbow trout!

I was ecstatic to land the first rainbow trout of the trip!
Let them go, let them grow. Perhaps this would make a good print for my collection?

We watched as the other bloggers excitedly landed a couple fish as well. I was able to capture an action shot just as Andrea was bringing in her rainbow trout while Jamie helped her to land it. Aboard the second boat was also Roland Bast, Sandy of Canadian Blog House, and fellow angler and outdoor writer, Jeff Morrison.

Andrea bringing her fish to the boat while Jamie is ready to assist with landing.

Our Stay at Fairmont Le Château Montebello

After our trout adventure came to an end, we loaded back up in the Expeditions for dinner and an overnight stay at Fairmont Le Château Montebello. We changed out of our fishy clothes and freshened up in time for happy hour and hors d’oeuvres on the terrace. Thankfully I had brought along a dress as this place is fancy!

Dinner was prepared and served for us outdoors and was absolutely exquisite! After our meal we enjoyed a campfire alongside the parked Expedition which quickly became our sound system for a variety of song requests throughout the evening. We shared stories, laughter, wine, and even sang along to our song requests. As the evening weather cooled, the amazing staff at Fairmont brought us blankets to stay cozy outside. After a great night sleep and a yummy breakfast, it was time to head back home to Ottawa.

This was certainly one of the most special experiences I’ve had a chance to be a part of. I am so grateful to Ford Canada for this amazing opportunity! I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect experience or better company to enjoy it with!

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