Last month marked 1 year of self-employment and full-time fishing! I spent a lot of years prior working, dreaming, and laying down the framework towards making it happen someday. These plans were accelerated when I lost my 9-5 job last June due to the impacts of COVID. With some approaching freelance work on my plate at the time, I took the leap of faith. I still get butterflies in my stomach when I think about making that big decision as I feel it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

That being said, this entire journey thus far has been different from what I’d imagined, but I’ve rolled with it. Leading up to this unconventional career path of *doing fishy stuff* full-time, I worked in a variety of job settings. This ranged from: food services, healthcare administration, fishing retail, sales in the outdoor industry, administration in the outdoor industry, and so on. Some of these jobs were enjoyable and some I absolutely dreaded going to. What I’ve realized over time is that even the jobs I didn’t enjoy, I learned valuable skills that I find useful to this day. When I was younger my dad often said, “Try things”. Whether it be different jobs, travel, or experiences – it’s all valuable, and pretty incredible when it comes full circle.

To sum up year number one, I’m feeling grateful. For the experiences, the lessons learned from the challenges, and the people I’ve met along the way. Who knows what the future holds but I’m going to give it my all to make it to year number two! Thank you to my partners and clients this past year for allowing me to chase fishes, put others on fishes, create, educate, and live out my dream!

This shot above was taken last month by the talented folks at Five2Nine during a film production with SADC Pontiac in breath-taking Quebec. This is my kind of office! 💜

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