Video: My Biggest Largemouth Bass This Season (Compilation)

Some of you know that I’ve been on the hunt for a new personal best largemouth bass this season from my kayak. It has been such a fun summer and it’s not over yet! I decided to put together a compilation video of some of the most exciting catches of the season thus far.

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  1. Oh my Lord… I… I’m quite jealous. Very nice work! Here’s hoping you catch a few more before the end of the season. It’s still nice and warm here in Illinois, looks like you may be a bit further “Nort”. Good luck and good post. Best, -AJ

      1. Can’t complain! Well… I mean I can but I shouldn’t… 😉 … been a great year overall. Have a great week and I’m following the blog and anxious to see what you come up with next! All the best. – AJ

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