Female anglers are a hot topic nowadays. It seems every week another fishing podcast comes out with comments about female anglers, lumping us all into one category and discussing what we should or shouldn’t be doing with our careers, goals, lives, relationships, what we should or shouldn’t be wearing, etc. These types of comments (and much worse) are rampant on social media as well. Sexism has no place in our sport or anywhere else. This post is for female anglers and future female anglers so that you know where I stand. Our industry needs to become a far more welcoming place and we all play a role in making this happen.

Whether you fish a couple of times a year, every weekend, or week – You belong in our sport.
Whether you head out on the water solo, with a partner, family/friends, or a fishing guide – You belong in our sport.
Whether you like to fish for fun, to educate or entertain others, or to chase trophies & checks – You belong in our sport.
Regardless of your age, gender, skill, body type, experience, appearance, sexual orientation, or race – You belong in our sport.
Whether you prefer fishing fully decked out in sun protective clothing (fair skinned gal over here 🙋‍♀️) or like to soak up the sun in a bathing suit – You belong in our sport.
Whether you’re more comfortable with or without make-up on when you go fishing – You belong in our sport.

This list goes on but my point is that we ALL belong here. As long as you’re fishing ethically and lawfully, you’re welcome here. Furthermore – there’s room for us all. There seems to be a mindset amongst some that there can only be room for one successful female in our sport and it’s just not true. It’s. Not. A. Zero. Sum. Game.

Our life experiences shape who we are and the path we choose to walk through life. If we were all the same with identical goals, it would be incredibly boring. I personally find inspiration through others (regardless of gender) even if their goals do not align with my own. Fishing saved my life and I know I’m not alone in this. Time on the water is incredibly healing for many of us and not to mention a ton of fun, which is why I’m sure we all are here in the first place. Let’s remember that 💜

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One response to “Female Anglers: We ALL Belong on the Water”

  1. Preach, sister. I agree with what you said here – and as a dude… I find that most people that complain about others (female or male) are those that aren’t really worth listening to anyway… haters gonna hate. I would imagine you have a lot of jealous people looking at your articles and videos. Keep kicking butt! It’s fun to watch.

    Godspeed. -AJ

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