This adventure marks the second stop on my fishing road trip through Ontario’s Southwest region. During this excursion, we had the chance to visit Norfolk County for some northern pike and bass fishing in Long Point Bay on Lake Erie. I partnered with Ontario’s Southwest and Norfolk County for this adventure.

Please note: It is recommended to plan ahead before traveling by connecting with local operators and businesses to determine any new public health measures and procedures put in place.

Eric and I made our way to Long Point Eco Adventures in St. Williams, Ontario, where we would be staying the night prior to our fishing adventure. There are some unique accommodations offered here and we decided to book one of the Wilderness Suites, which is a canvas-style tent. These units are even equipped with electricity and a full bathroom. That’s my kind of camping! We took a quick hike down one of the walking trails that led us to an amazing view of Turkey Point on Lake Erie. Next up, it was time to grab dinner before calling it a night as we had an early start the following morning.

A chicken burger and fries with ketchup on a rectangular plate on a wooden table
The Big Crunch burger & fries from Sandbar on the Beach.

We met up with a couple of friends at Sandbar on the Beach in nearby Turkey Point. For a starter, Eric and I ordered the coconut shrimp. I am a huge fan of shrimp and these hit the spot! I went for a Big Crunch chicken burger with fries for dinner. Everything was SO delicious and it was lovely to catch up and share great food and laughs with our friends, Alicia and TJ.

Long Point Bay Pike and Bass Fishing

We were up early and on the road before 6am to meet our fishing guide for the day, Bobby Maerz at BAER Fishing Adventures. It was not our first experience with BAER as we did a kayak trip a few years back, but it was the first time getting to meet Bobby and hopping aboard the boat this time. We met up at Booth’s Harbour and set off on our adventure as the sun was painting the sky over Lake Erie. It was an incredible backdrop to start what would become an eventful day!

A man smiling and holding up a largemouth bass
Eric with the first catch aboard the boat, a largemouth bass.

Each of us were throwing spinnerbaits in various colours, and Eric was the first on the board for landing a fish with this beautiful largemouth bass. We were working a weed flat in 5-6 feet of water burning our spinnerbaits over the weed tops. Bobby and Eric got into a few northern pike before I had any bites that stuck, so I decided to switch from a white spinnerbait to something with chartreuse for more visibility. This colour was working well for Eric. My first cast after the colour change resulted in this feisty northern pike!

A woman and a man aboard a boat smiling with a woman holding up a pike
Myself (left) and Bobby (right) with my first fish of the trip, a northern pike.

We got into a number of pike during our outing with Eric landing the largest of the day at 35.5-inches (shown in the above right image). I was excited to get into a few largemouth bass as well, including this nice one (shown in the above left image). What an eventful and fun morning! Big thank you to Bobby for such a wonderful introduction to fishing in Long Point Bay on Lake Erie! Check out more of our catches in the full video from this adventure:

Time To Grab Lunch

We were quite hungry after a busy morning, so we made our way over to the Jetty Bar & Grill in Turkey Point for what turned out to be a very yummy lunch! I ordered the Second to Naan Wrap with roasted turkey breast and a salad, and Eric went with the Pork Schniztel with Hunter’s Sauce. Both were SO good! I had to steal a few bites from Eric, LOL. We became fans of Hometown Brew Co. as we had a chance to sample their beer at the brewery onsite at Long Point Eco Adventures. We decided to try the Organic Wild Wheat available at the Jetty which became a favourite for both of us.

After lunch it was time to hit the road for our next stop on our Ontario’s Southwest fishing road trip. We had such a great experience in Norfolk County and cannot wait to return!

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