I Never Expected This To Happen! 🎢🎣

Earlier this year I was contacted about some of my fishing footage being included in a music video for a song about fishing. Say what!? I got to listen to the song and I was instantly tapping my toes (OK, maybe dancing a bit πŸ˜†). I LOVED it! I’ve always felt there aren’t enough great fishing songs out there. I happily jumped on board and submitted some kayak fishing footage not expecting it to be included but it was cool to be considered. Low and behold, the song Show Me Your Fish by Clayton Anderson premiered on CMT this week and you will catch a few glimpses of me throughout the video! I couldn’t believe it! I never thought something like this would happen. HUGE congratulations to Clayton Anderson for creating this amazing and positive song that is so upbeat and catchy (pun intended)! πŸ˜‰ Give it a watch and see if you can spot me. There’s some pretty legendary anglers included in this video, along with so many other great photos and videos from around the world! It is very cool how fishing unites us! πŸ™

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