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  • Video: Late Season Trophy Walleye Adventure – Including 3 over 10lbs!

    I’ve spent the majority of my days on the water lately guiding clients for walleye. Finally Eric and I had a chance to chase down some walleye of our own and had a great day in the process (including landing 3 over 10lbs)! Check out my latest video below – an action-packed day of pulling…

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  • Multi-species Fishing on the Napanee River

    Multi-species Fishing on the Napanee River

    The Napanee River is where some of my earliest fishing experiences took place many years ago. I was born and raised in the area and still visit frequently to enjoy the multi-species fishing opportunities on the Napanee River. The River is located in Lennox & Addington County beginning at Camden Lake, passing through the communities…

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  • More Video on the Way!

    More Video on the Way!

    It’s been an eventful fall fishing season so far while targeting mostly walleye, but one moment in particular has been the most memorable and chaotic thus far. One of those moments no one would believe if there wasn’t a video to prove it! Watch for yourself:   I’ll be posting frequent videos to my YouTube channel moving…

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  • Another Epic Saskatchewan Adventure!

    Another Epic Saskatchewan Adventure!

    When I hear the words ‘fishing’ and ‘Saskatchewan’ together, it brings a smile to my face and a flutter of excitement in my heart. Although I have only been to Saskatchewan twice so far, both adventures have literally been epic! I truly mean it, the kind of fishing experiences that dreams are made of! My first trip…

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  • Ice Fishing Adventure on Lake Nipissing

    Ice Fishing Adventure on Lake Nipissing

    Last weekend I ventured the furthest north I’ve ever traveled in pursuit of fish. I was super excited for this experience as it would be my first time staying in an ice bungalow and sleeping overnight on the ice! It would also be my first time fishing on massive Lake Nipissing, the third largest lake in…

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  • World-Class Fall Walleye Fishing

    World-Class Fall Walleye Fishing

    Expedia.ca recently asked me about my favourite fall fishing destination. When fall rolls around, my favourite way to spend the season without a doubt is chasing the large migratory walleye on the Bay of Quinte. Located in southern Ontario between Toronto and Montreal on the northern shore of Lake Ontario, the Bay is a known…

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  • Exploring Lake St. Francis

    Exploring Lake St. Francis

    With summer nearly coming to an end (gasp!), Eric and I decided on a weekend trip to the St. Lawrence River for another kick at it! This time we headed to Lake St. Francis, it was a first for both of us. This section of the River (referred to as Lake St. Francis) borders southeastern Ontario, southwestern Quebec…

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  • Fishing For Smallmouth Bass In Current

    Fishing For Smallmouth Bass In Current

    Since moving to Ottawa a couple years ago, I’ve heard so much from local anglers about the fishing opportunities on the St. Lawrence River. This massive body of water flows north-easterly through the bordering waters of Ontario and Quebec, and Canada and the United States covering over 3,000kms. It connects the Great Lakes with the…

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  • Spring Re-Cap: Steelhead, Walleye, Sheepshead, Pike, and more….

    I can’t believe that spring has already come and gone and we are now into July. I wish I could put this time of year in slow motion as it’s my favourite and it seems there’s simply not enough time to do it all. I love the chance to target a variety of species each…

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  • Targeting BIG Walleye Through The Ice

    Targeting BIG Walleye Through The Ice

    After writing my last blog highlighting what I have been up to over the past few months, I thought a more in-depth article about how I am targeting walleye would be a great follow-up. There are many variables to success on the ice and in this blog I will go over my process for targeting quality migratory…

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  • There’s No Such Thing As ‘Down Time’

    There’s No Such Thing As ‘Down Time’

    There’s no such thing as ‘down time’ for me. Surely there are closed seasons for certain species of fish, but there’s an abundance of species and seasons year round and I take full advantage of these opportunities. My lack of updates do not reflect the lack of fishing! Since my last post, I fished until…

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  • Early ice and my Grand Slam trout goal!

    Early ice and my Grand Slam trout goal!

    This has been one of the coldest winters in the past few years here in Southern Ontario, with lows reaching -30C. This is good news if you love ice fishing! I am now a resident of Ottawa, and it’s even colder here than back at home on the Bay of Quinte. The colder temps have…

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  • Press Release: ‘Ashley Rae’s Captured’ Ice Fishing Adventure – Online Video Release

    January 4, 2014 Ashley Rae, female fishing enthusiast and creator of SheLovesToFish.com is pleased to announce the online release of her show, Captured. This special pilot episode, produced by Vantage Point Media House, premiered on the World Fishing Network on November 19th, 2013. The episode, sponsored by Rapala Canada, was filmed in the Land O’ Lakes Region,…

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  • Open water giants and Capital City ice fishing!

    Open water giants and Capital City ice fishing!

    Since my last blog post a lot of changes have taken place. I have relocated to Ottawa, Ontario, where I am working and have enjoyed new fishing experiences with many more to come. This new home is definitely a multi-species fishery with many bodies of water around to explore. My heart still remains at ‘home’…

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  • Reminiscing summertime on the water

    Reminiscing summertime on the water

    With summer nearly coming to an end, I am reminiscing about the fun times I’ve had on the water over the past few weeks. Summer is without a doubt, my favourite time of the year and I am always sad to see it go. Luckily there are so many great fall fishing opportunities, and I…

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  • A much needed update!

    A much needed update!

    It’s been awhile since my last update, and I promise to get back on track! Truthfully it’s not that I haven’t been writing, or fishing – it’s just that I haven’t updated my own blog and I’ve been busy fishing and working on a few projects! Facebook and Twitter are still in full force with…

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  • The Maiden Voyage of Ruby – my new Alumacraft!

    The Maiden Voyage of Ruby – my new Alumacraft!

    Many of you had the opportunity to meet Ruby, my new Pro 185 Limited Edition Alumacraft, at the fishing and boat trade shows this year. I even started an album on Facebook for those that jumped aboard to get their photo taken. Needless to say, there was much anticipation to get my boat on the…

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  • Press Release: Captured TV – New Show Announced with Host Ashley Rae

    March 4, 2013 Vantage Point Media House is pleased to officially announce the production of a new TV show entitled “Captured“, hosted by Ashley Rae.  Captured is made possible through partnerships with the Land O’ Lakes Tourism Association and Kouri’s Kopters and Rapala Canada.   The one-hour special episode of Captured follows 28-year-old Napanee, Ontario native, Ashley Rae on…

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  • Back from the Toronto Boat Show!

    Back from the Toronto Boat Show!

    With a mild winter and lack of ice, it’s much easier to spend the time at trade shows talking about fishing with other enthusiasts! I recently spent 5 days at the Toronto International Boat Show where I worked at the Alumacraft booth and did several seminars on the Great Canadian Fish Tank, and kayak fishing demonstrations in…

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  • Walleye and Pike, Pike, Pike!

    Walleye and Pike, Pike, Pike!

    Normally I don’t spend opening weekend focusing on pike, but the action in the last couple of days has been good and it’s hard to resist a good pike battle! My fish of the day yesterday, on the Bay of Quinte! I got a message late Sunday night from my friend Ian “You up for…

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  • New friends, walleye and Ottawa!

    New friends, walleye and Ottawa!

    After the fun weekend at the Spring Fishing and Boat Show, I made some new fishing friends! One of the great things about trade shows is that you finally get to meet anglers that you communicate with through Facebook and other social networking sites – and get to put a face to a name. One…

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