Earlier this month I hosted my 3rd women’s fishing weekend but this was the first on the ice! I shared the event details online a couple months prior and the spots filled up quickly. Ladies Ice Fishing Weekend 2018 has come and gone and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of inspiring female anglers to share the adventure with. I’ll never forget our weekend spent on Lake Temagami!

Our Destination

Our home for the weekend was Temagami Shores Inn & Resort situated on the shores of Lake Temagami in beautiful Northeastern Ontario. Our amazing hosts were Stephanie, Mark, and their son Devon along with their staff. I’ve been exploring more and more of the Northeastern Ontario region over the past few years and always look forward to each visit. It is an incredible place to fish! This was my second visit to Lake Temagami although it was my first during the ice fishing season.

For this road trip, Ford Canada hooked us up with a brand new Escape! It made for an even nicer journey up north. I’ve been missing this sweet ride ever since!

The Ladies

Joining me from various parts of Ontario, and one from Texas – these gals were as kind and enthusiastic as they come. Some hadn’t ice fished before, while others were anxious to learn more about this style of fishing. There’s something really special about getting a group of women together that share the same passion. I find it to be an empowering experience.

Making our way up north from Ottawa! From left: Sandi, Brittany (in the back with the minnows), and myself inside a JAM-PACKED Escape!

We all began to arrive at Temagami Shores Inn & Resort on a Thursday evening and kicked off the weekend with a delicious meal at the onsite restaurant. Prior to this event, I only knew one of the ladies (as she joined me for a ladies fall walleye weekend last year). It only took a few minutes before we were all chatting and laughing away as if it was a reunion of old friends.

ALL our meals were super delicious (including the packed lunches) but the Eggs Benedict was my favourite!

Hitting the Ice 

As part of the ice fishing weekend, we rented huts from Temagami Shores Inn & Resort and they also provided transportation out on the ice. Their huts were SO nice and cozy! They came equipped with wood stoves, cooking utensils, and wood to burn. We all brought our own fishing gear. Mark and Devon (along with some helpers) transported us all out on the ice each morning via snowmobiles and a side-by-side. They drilled holes and helped us get set up for the day. Mark and Devon were so genuine, supportive, and enthusiastic about this event. We shared a lot of laughs with them. They’re just as passionate about fishing as the rest of us and we were all so grateful for their help throughout the weekend.

Brittany in ice hut
Brittany taking a break from the cold (but still getting some fishing in).

These women impressed me all weekend long, but especially due to the fact that we had these wonderful warm huts to fish from, but they all stuck it out and spent the majority of the time fishing outdoors. They were dedicated! I was especially impressed by Sandi, from Texas who left summer weather back home to join a bunch of ladies on the ice. What a gem!

I don’t think there was a moment that Sandi wasn’t smiling!

The Fishing

For this adventure we focused on lake trout waters: locations with steep breaks that were adjacent to deeper waters. We primarily jigged spoons, blade baits, and jig heads tipped with live minnows. A few lines were set as well, but most of the fish came from moving presentations worked just a few feet off bottom. Lake trout were caught throughout a range of depths between 30 and 90 feet of water. In addition to a few lakers, some whitefish made an appearance as well. It was wonderful to see some of the ladies landing their first fish through the ice, or landing a new species. I had caught whitefish in the past but I was fortunate to land my first through the ice during this adventure! I had a BIG fish on that popped off before I got it to the surface… so I have some incentive to go back next year! I put together a short video below with some of the highlights of the weekend.

Some happy anglers and nice catches!

Support For Ladies Ice Fishing Weekend

This memorable weekend wouldn’t have come together the way it did without of course, the women who decided to sign up for this adventure. Some stepped out of their comfort zone (or left their country) and tried something completely new. Others participated to meet other likeminded anglers for some fun on the ice. I’m certain that everyone gained fun memories and new friendships.

Megan and Laura
Happy ladies – Megan and Laura.

A BIG thank you to our incredible hosts at Temagami Shores Inn & Resort, Stephanie, Mark, Devon and staff! The service, food, and accommodations were fantastic and it all came together better than I could have imagined. Without the support from Northeastern Ontario Tourism, this event wouldn’t have come to fruition. It’s so important to create opportunities for women that inspire and encourage growth and involvement in the sport of fishing. I’m grateful for the support we had!

Jordan from Northeastern Ontario Tourism joined us for a day on the ice.

Thank you also goes to Ford Canada for helping a few of us ladies get to our destination in style with a 2018 Escape! I’ve been fortunate to test out a variety of Ford models for my fishing adventures over the past few years and I’m always asked about what features I love the most. With having so much gear, the Rear View Camera came in really handy as our equipment was stacked up to the roof and I was unable to see out the back windows when parking or backing up. The Blind Spot Information System was a great feature when we were on the highway sharing the road with other traffic (it lights up when a vehicle is in a blind spot). Another favourite is the Foot-Activated Hands-Free Power Liftgate – in other words the back hatch opens when you place your foot at a certain spot beneath the bumper. When carrying a load of gear while loading/unloading the cargo area, this was a super handy feature! I also love the navigation system as well (and Sirius Satellite radio).

Loading up the Escape before heading back home 🙁

Before I say goodbye, I wanted to share one of my favourite moments that took place off the ice. On Saturday night after dinner, Mark and Devon brought out a guitar and played music for us in the restaurant. What began as a song or two lasted a few hours. There is so much talent in this family and it was a special evening to share with Mark, Devon and Stephanie too.

I look forward to Ladies Ice Fishing Weekend 2019, and many more future events of this nature! If you’re interested in joining us for an event, please subscribe to my blog below so you don’t miss out on the next one. To inquire about supporting an event, please contact me here.


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9 responses to “Ladies Ice Fishing Weekend (With Video)”

  1. Great stuff Ashley! Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to get back out on the ice but I think I am done for this year.

    1. Thank you for reading, Ken! The ice was fun but I’m anxious to get out on open water now! 😁

  2. I was one of the Lucky girls on this absolutely awesome adventure! I’m the girl from Texas. I can’t even about explain how inspiring and totally empowering this Girls Ice Fishing trip was.
    If your wanting to expand your sole, live life to the fullest than sign up for an adventure with Ashley Rae and other likeminded Ladies. You won’t regret it or forget it. What an amazing experience.. and I came back with new best friends..💕🎣🦋

    1. This warms my heart so much! I’m so grateful our paths crossed, Sandi! 💜 Can’t wait to fish with you again!

      1. I can’t wait either! Texas is waiting for y’all! 😘💕

  3. I was one of the lucky ladies who got to go on this trip. I had an absolutely amazing time! The fishing experience was awesome, and I learned a ton of new stuff. The accommodations were great, and our hosts were amazing! Most of all I enjoyed meeting other women who are into fishing, women of all experience levels. Any woman reading this who’s hesitating to sign up for any of Ashley’s future trips, please don’t. Its an experience you won’t regret!

    1. It was so wonderful to have you as part of this adventure, Megan! Your enthusiasm was contagious! I sure hope to share the water with you again soon! 😁 Thank you for taking part!

  4. Brittany Elliott Avatar
    Brittany Elliott

    I was one of the 8 women who attended Ashley’s Ice Fishing Weekend. To be honest I was a bit hesitant to travel up north to meet with 7 other women who I’ve never met before. But I had a feeling I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go ice fishing in northern ontario with a group of women who love to fish just as much as I do. We had a BLAST!! I caught 2 new species through the ice, lake trout and white fish. The entire fishing experience was awesome and I learned a lot. Our accomadations and hosts at Temegami Shores Inn & Resort were amazing!
    If you are thinking of attending one of Ashley’s events?! My advice is go for it! I’m so glad I got out of my comfort zone. I had so much fun fishing, making memories and new friends. Guaranteed you will too! 😊🎣❄️💜

    1. Thank you so much for joining us, Brittany! So glad to have met you and to get to see you land 2 new species! Great work! 😁

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